5 pack Macramé Plant Hangers White color

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✅ These hanging planters are perfect for indoor/outdoor use. We recommend 8" size pots.


✅ The Hanging planter features 5 rope plant hangers and hooks. There are 5 ropes, but 6 spots available for hanging pots for plants. Note: The hanging plant and pot is not included only the holder and hooks.


✅ Plant hangers indoor color is an off white ivory natural rope color.


✅ Rope plant hanger approximate measurements from left to right are: 120cm, 100 cm, 100 cm, 100 cm, and 100 cm. indoor hanging planters vary from 39-47 inches tall.


✅ These hanging plants are perfect for your office decor, bedroom decor, boho hanging planters, patio decor, home plant decor, etc.










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