Set of 2 Eucalyptus Strands

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Up for sale is a set of 2 Eucalyptus strands .


The artificial ivy strand is approximately 6 feet long each (total almost 12 ft long) with 144 branches.


This hanging ivy decor can be used for a variety of things like wedding decor, home decor, wall vines decoration, baby shower decoration, ivy leaves for bedroom, kids room decoration, jungle theme party decoration, photo backdrops, wedding archways, kitchen decor, costumes decoration, poison ivy halloween, centerpiece design, party decoration, wedding decoration, fake plant garland, vine decor for walls, as a supply for crafts like wreaths, etc. Use these green leaves room decor in place of real plants for an easy plant vine look without having to water them!


The leaf vines are made of silk leaves, and the stems are made from plastic.


Please note: They may have an initial plastic smell to them, but once removed from packaging the smell should clear in a few days.








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