Set of 3 Pillow - 2001+ Wrap Around Sundance/Portofino (6472-962)

Set of 3 Pillow - 2001+ Wrap Around Sundance/Portofino (6472-962)

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Large and soft wrap-around pillow for the corners of your Sundance Spas hot tub. Old, cracked, or discolored pillows are the main way your hot tub shows its age. Replacing the pillows is an easy way to bring back the beauty and style of your backyard centerpiece. This is part number 6472-962 and includes both the large grey outer pillow and the small, dark grey insert with the Sundance Spas logo. There are no left/right pillows; both corners take the same pillow.

This combination of pillow and insert comprises part numbers 6455-465 (pillow) & 6455-472 (insert) This pillow is fastened on by plastic screws (sold separately) hidden behind the pillow insert. It does not include the plastic screws for mounting the pillow. You can use the existing screws that came with your tub or purchase this part separately.

These pillows are designed for the following hot tub models and years:

  • 880 Series Cameo Ing 2003–2014
  • 880 Series Cameo 2001–2008
  • 880 Series Optima Ing 2005–2014
  • 880 Series Optima 2005–2008
  • 880 Series Majesta 2005–2008
  • Maxxus 2001–2004
  • Metro 2001–2003
  • Marin 2001