Silk Balance Gems

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How does Silk Balance work?

By eliminating organic deposits and continuously inhibiting excess buildup, the family of SilkBalance products help allow water to flow freely throughout the internal plumbing and jet fixtures of the hot tub.  Stronger flowing jets deliver the intended power of hydrotherapy to your body and muscles. Other components, such as the internal water heater, will be able to operate better as well. All aspects of your water’s performance will improve with SilkBalance products as the central part of your water maintenance program.

Luxurious Feeling & Fresh Scent

Feel the difference the first time you use Silk Balance™; the water feels luxuriously soft and your skin will experience that silky smooth feeling. Even the annoying smell of chemicals is replaced by a clean fresh water scent.

Relief from Sensitive Dry Skin

No more dry and itchy skin experience after leaving your spa.

Silk Balance™ is a great alternative for so many suffering from various skin conditions by providing a soothing relief. It does not irritate sensitive skin, yet it still is strong enough to keep the water fresh and clean.

Simple and Easy to Use

Checking pH, alkalinity and calcium hardness will no longer be a requirement to maintain your spa water chemistry. Silk Balance™ eliminates the need for constant testing, measuring and balancing. No more confusion and time lost.

4 oz application of Silk Balance™ weekly is all you need to do!

Silk Balance™ - Just add 1 Gem per week! Silk Balance will maintain a 350 to 500 gallon spa with a circulation pump for 4 months with just one bottle. This revolutionary product eliminates buying & storing confusing multiples of different chemicals from chlorines, bromines, increasers and degreasers.