Sundance Spas Replacement Pillow for 2018–2019 880 Series (6472-793)

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These pillows are Sundance part # 6472-793. In some overseas catalogs, they are listed as 6455-025. They fit most, but not all, 880-series hot tubs made in 2018–19 and later. Specifically, they fit:


  • Altamar tubs 2018 and later
  • Aspen tubs 2018 and later
  • Cameo tubs 2018 and later
  • Capri tubs 2018 and later
  • Maxxus tubs 2018 and later
  • Optima tubs 2018 and later


If you do not see your model or year tub listed above, please ask in the question area below before you purchase. We want to be sure you get the right pillow.

Pillow measures 11” wide, 6.75” tall, and 2” thick.

Each pillow is sold separately. The pillow is a single unit of complex foam, with a permanent plastic bolt affixed to the back. The pillow mounts that came with your Sundance hot tub are durable and should last for several sets of pillows. If you require new mounting hardware, contact your Sundance dealer for the correct fastener.